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General Membership Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of even numbered months at 6:30 p.m.

E-Board Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

Stewards Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of even numbered months at 5:30 p.m.

Contribute to COPE Today!

Contribute to COPE Today!

CWA-COPE is the political action committee for the working men and women of CWA, their families and retirees. CWA-COPE informs and mobilizes union families to encourage their participation in the political process.

To contribute just fill out the payroll deduction card and give to your steward. For more information please call the Local.


AT&T Wireless Discounts

CWA members save 15% off the regular monthly rate for individual and family wireless cell phone plans*

Visit Union Plus for more information!

Visit Union Plus for the AT&T Discount!

*200MB Data Plan is not eligible for the Union Plus discount

Local News Briefs

AT&T Store Meetings

July 24, 2015

Many ATT retail employees are unsure which meetings they are required to attend. ATT has released a statement regarding what the company considers appropriate scheduling requirements for meetings. The requirements for store meetings are different than market or DOS meetings.

Managers may not schedule anyone to come to a store meeting if the meeting occurs on the 6th day of the employees work week. Managers may not schedule split shifts for meetings. Managers may not require an employee attend who has been previously scheduled for vacation/PTO (the employee may volunteer).

Market/ARSM/DOS meetings (once a month) may not schedule an employee on the 6th day of the employees work week. They may schedule split shifts for these meetings. They may not require attendance if the employee has previously been approved for vacation/PTO (the employee may attend voluntarily).

Contact the local union if your store is not following these guidelines.

Deborah Goulet

Thank You for a Great Golf Tournament!

June 11, 2015

Local 7803 would like to thank everyone who participated in our 10th Annual Golf Tournament to Benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Thank you to all the golfers, and the volunteers who made it possible. We would also like to thank the Hole Sponsors: Jerseys Bar and Grill, Seahawkers Booster Club and Nisqually Markets. We would also like to thank the raffle prize donors: Ail/Shannon Bennett, Nettworth Financial/Russ Lichty, Sunrise Dental/Mike Williams, Pacific Dental/Cory Edwards, Joan Stewart, Kent AMC Movie Theatre, Kent Station Ram, The Sports Page, Debbie Skelton/Mary Kay consultant, Schafers Bar and Grill and Dixon Golf. With your generous help, we raised over $3,000 to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation!

Mandi Parrott

AT&T Attendance

June 4, 2015

The ATT attendance policy has changed this year. The new policy allows 8 points to termination; the old policy allowed 7. Attendance points expire one year after they are accrued, the old policy expired the points at 6 months. Employees now receive one point for each day they are absent; the old policy allowed one point per occurrence. The new policy has points on discipline drop off when they expire in the twelfth month; the old policy had the points expire at 3 months for counseling and 180 days for written. Under the new policy the discipline step drops off as the points drop below the discipline threshold, so if we are not careful we could stay in a state of perpetual discipline.

The CWA does not agree with the changes in policy. The CWA is negotiating the attendance policy changes with the company.

If you feel you have received a point in error, it is best to address it right away. Everyone will have issues that arise that cause absences and tardiness, we don't want to waste our points. The points are not there for days we don't feel like going into work; they are available for emergencies.

Deborah Goulet

AT&T Mobility Training

May 14, 2015
ATT Mobility Training

Thanks to all the ATT mobility employees who came to our unity@mobility training. We took a moment to put mobilizing into practice and donned medical masks to show solidarity against the new ATT attendance policy.

Time To Sign Up for Our 10th Annual Golf Tournament

March 18, 2015
Hit the links, Join the fight

May 31st, 2015: Come out and play golf with your friends, family and co-workers. Build your foursome now! Have a great time and help a worthy charity! Members, Family and Friends of Local 7803 are all invited! ENTRY FORM

An essay from Carter (Horn) Nickelson

March 11, 2015

Labor unions and the labor movement have had a profound impact on my family’s lives, thus greatly influencing my own. My first exposure to the principle of labor unions came from my great-grandfather, who was a member of the Teamsters Union in New York City. He was the first of many members of my family to play a part in the labor movement. My great-grandpa’s son-in-law, my grandfather, also began his union membership in New York, working with the Bell system. He would eventually move to Washington and take up membership with the Communications Workers of America. I grew up hearing about the rich history of my family members walking the picket line with fellow union members over issues such as insurance for their families, retirement benefits, and – most importantly – safe working conditions; concerns of not only local laborers, but the entire nation of working class Americans. I’ve seen pictures of my mom holding up picket signs with my grandpa when she was but 10 years old.

My family’s history of union involvement has continued with my own mother, who works as a teacher. I witnessed first-hand the impact that unions can have in the laborers’ lives when there was a harassment situation involving one of my mom’s supervisors. The teachers’ union immediately intervened on my mom’s behalf and the incident was swiftly and effectively resolved. To a very large degree, we have unions, past and present, to thank for safe and healthy working conditions for so many Americans.

I plan to double major in mathematics and either engineering or physics in college.

Carter Nickelson is the grandson of Ken Horn. Ken is a retiree of CenturyLink and was President of CWA Local 7803 for many years.

Congratulations on Your Retirement!

February 5, 2015

Local 7803 would like to congratulate John Lucas who has retired after over 20 years at Coal Creek Water District!

Services for Ron Ankarberg's wife Janene

January 29, 2015

The officers of Local 7803 extend their deepest condolences for the loss of Janene Ankarberg, the wife of longtime member Ron Ankarberg. Janene's service will be held on February 7th, from 11am to 1pm at the Park Founders Lodge; 22020 Cliff Ave S, Des Moines WA. All are welcome to attend.

CenturyLink CWA Logo Uniform Patches

January 16, 2015
Summary of the Q-011 letter

During 2012 bargaining with CenturyLink, CWA agreed to a Company proposal that would make uniforms for customer facing employees mandatory. In exchange the Union bargained for a CWA patch to be placed on the uniform.

By putting the the patch on the uniform, the customers our members serve will be able to recognize that their service is being provided by a trained professional Union member

An online order form is posted on the CWA District 7 website, or Click Here. Members wishing to order the patches can complete the form and the patches with be mailed directly to them at thier home address.

The Union patch is the CWA logo and should go on the right upper arm/sleeve of the uniform shirts.

To read the full text of the Q-011 letter, click here.

CenturyLink Attendance Policy

January 8, 2015

The attendance policy in the contract (Article 12) states 1 to 2 years; 3 days replacement after 2 day wait. 2 to 5 years; 6 days replacement 1 day wait. 5 to 10 years; 6 days replacement. 10 to 20 years receive 7 days wage replacement per calendar year, and 20 years or more receive 8 days wage replacement per calendar year.

Keep in mind the company still enforces the 5 and 8. So if you have 4 occurrences and 8 days you will need to wait until days drop off to stay in good standing with the attendance policy, or you can be placed on a written warning.

In the contract there is a new option you may choose to use, which is Article 12.2. All ill time must be exhausted before you can use any personal or vacation days. In this section, Employees may use up to 3 days vacation or personal days in place of ill time and this will not count towards their attendance record as long as it does not occur on a Monday, or the last day following an authorized holiday or designated personal day. All personal days must be exhausted prior to using vacation.

However when an employee chooses to use this option, it is their responsibility to inform their manager at the time of calling out that they are using personal or vacation time in place of ill time.

Taking ill time the day before or after a holiday will result in not being paid for the holiday.

New Officers and E-Board Members

November 9, 2014

Local 7803 has elected new officers and e-board members:

Jeanne Stewart - President
Darrin Hartman - Executive Vice President
Mandi Parrott - Secretary / Treasurer
Caleb Reese - Vice President
Karl Stewart - Vice President
Kim Anderson - Vice President
Deb Goulet - Vice President
Bryan Running - E-Board
Frank Cruz - E-Board
Glen McBarron - E-Board
Rocci Hash - E-Board
Tim Klima - E-Board
Ken Horn - E-Board Retiree

CWA/CenturyLink Contract

February 6, 2014

Download the final CWA/Centurylink contract (1.7Mb 353-page PDF)

Summary of the Contract

November 1, 2013

Here is the contract summary.

Effective Dates of the Contract Changes

October 29, 2013

Lump Sum Payments

Will be paid (one-time) on the first payroll period following the ratification date. The two percent (2%) Lump Sum Payment will be calculated using the employee’s basic wage rate as established on the last day preceding the ratification. Lump Sum Payments will be subject to Federal, State and Local taxes and other legally required withholdings such as Union Dues. Taxes will be determined using the IRS tax withholding rate applicable for lump sum payments. Part-Time and Incidental employees shall receive a prorated lump sum amount based on their EWW as of the effective date of such payment.

Ratification Payment

The $500.00 Payment, minus Federal, State and Local taxes and other legally required withholdings such as Union Dues will be paid to all Regular full-time and part-time employees on the payroll as of the date of ratification. Part-Time employees shall receive a prorated lump sum amount based on their EWW. This payment shall be made no later than four (4) weeks from October 25, 2013.

Other Changes

The changes to the Healthcare and 401k Plans and to other provisions such as Article 12 Illness Absence, will not be effective until January 1, 2014.
In terms of the other changes such as Daily Premiums that are now effective, the new titles, etc., these are being reviewed to outline a transition period to the new language. Once that process is completed, we will finalize the dates and put that into a Letter of Agreement and distribute it to the Local Unions.

Voting on the Tentative Agreement: CWA and CenturyLink

October 17, 2013

10/21 Monday

  • Auburn Garage - 7:30 am
  • Issaquah Garage - 7:30 am

10/22 Tuesday

  • Kent Obrien Garage - 7:30 am
  • Bremerton Garage - 7:30 am
  • Issaquah Garage - 7:30 am

The ballots will be counted 10/25.

Bargaining Update: Second Agreement - Final

October 16, 2013

Here's the latest update.

Bargaining Update: Union and Company Bargaining Chairs Will Meet Next Week

October 2, 2013

Following the rejection of the tentative legacy Qwest agreement last week, CWA President, Larry Cohen called CenturyLink CEO Glen Post regarding where we go from here.

As a result of those conversations, President Cohen and Mr. Post have agreed that the Union and Company Bargaining Chairs will meet next week to attempt to hammer out an outline of a possible new agreement. Those talks are scheduled for Wednesday, October 9 through Friday October 11. Should progress be made in those talks, the two parties full committees would be brought in to formalize a new agreement.

At this point, the parties have agreed to an extension of the current contract through October 11. Beyond October 11, either side must give 24 hours-notice of their intent to terminate thecurrent contract.

Jeanne Stewart
President CWA Local 7803

Contract Voted Down

September 28, 2013

To 7803 membership: Thanks to all who voted on the Centurylink proposed contract. The proposed contract was voted down by 54%. Everyone show up to work Monday and there will be more information to follow.

Jeanne Stewart
President CWA Local 7803

Health Care and Wage Comparison from CenturyLink-Legacy Qwest Tentative Agreement -- 2013

August 29, 2013

Calculate your personal Health Care and Wage Comparison with this online Health Care Calculator

CWA/Centurylink Contract Explanation & Vote

August 16, 2013

The following dates and locations will have a CWA/Centurylink Contract explanation & vote:

Silverdale: Round Table Pizza
3276 NW Plaza Rd
September 9th - 5:30 PM

Renton: Round Table Pizza
302 SW 43rd St
September 10th - 5:30 PM

Auburn: Round Table Pizza
4002 A St SE
September 11th - 5:30 PM

Issaquah: Round Table Pizza
730 NW Gilman Blvd
September 12th - 5:30 PM

Final Bargaining Report

August 2, 2013

View the final bargaining report regarding the tentative agreement with CWA and Centurylink.

CWA and Centurylink Tentative Agreement

August 1, 2013

CWA and Centurylink have come to a 5 year tentative agreement. Details to follow.

2003 Qwest Communications and 2004 Qwest Agent Services Stock Option Signing Bonuses- 100 Shares of Qwest Communications Stock

July 2, 2013

Not unexpectedly, we receive regular inquiries on this subject ranging from eligibility, to when can the options be exercised, etc. The 2003 ratification bonus (100 shares of Qwest Communications stock) for the Qwest/CWA Agreement was issued with a grant date of August l3th, 2003, with a ten (10) year expiration date of 8-13-2013. They have a strike price of $4.08 per share plus tax.

Qwest Agent Services employees were also given a stock option signing bonus of 100 shares. The stock options were granted on August 1, 2004, and vested one hundred percent (100%) on August 1, 2006, a ten (10) year expiration date of 9-23-2014. They have a strike price of $3.08 per share plus tax. While the Plan allows for the Board of Directors to issue stock grants with different expiration periods other than ten years, typically most of the Qwest stock option grants expire in ten (10) years from the date of the grant if the employee remains on payroll for the ten years. With the 2003 Communications grant and the 2004 Agent Services stock option grant), the vesting period was changed to two years instead of the typical four year period.

In the case of the employees death, disability or retirement prior to the expiration date, the revised grant expiration date is two (2) years from the date of death, disability or retirement. In situations where the employee leaves the payroll prior to the expiration date (excluding separations for cause) and is not Service Pension Eligible, the revised expiration date is three (3) months from separation. Qwest employees or retirees who were on Qwest's payroll - meaning the employee was continuously employed and was either actively at work or on an approved leave of absence as of the date of the ratification- have these options.

Members or retirees can contact Smith-Barney at 1-800-503-2813, or via email at: https://benefits.smithbarney.com.

The employee/retiree will also need their individual Trading PIN. If they have lost or misplaced their Trading PIN, they may click Forget User Name/Password/Trading PIN to retrieve it or contact a Customer Service Representative at 888-873-1194.

Based on the market price ($4.53) as of Friday February 22, 2008. for Qwest Communications employees the profit from exercising their options would be $45.00. They could also choose to purchase fhe shares for $4.08 per share plus tax.

For Qwest Agent Services employees, as of Friday Febmary 22, 2008, the profit from exercising their options would be $145.00. They could also choose to purchase the shares for $3.08 per share plus tax.

Finally, they have the option of doing nothing at all.

CWA District 7 Staff

AT&T Mobility Employees Payroll Update

April 15, 2013

As provided in the 2013 CWA Collective Bargaining Agreement, you will receive a retroactive general increase based on the new wage rates effective February 10. Your new wages, retroactive general increase and ratification bonus will be included in your paychecks as shown below.

Paycheck Date Includes
April 26 Ratification bonus
May 10 New wages and retroactive general increase

Full-time employees who return to work from a Leave of Absence prior to April 5, 2014, will receive the ratification bonus on their next regular paycheck. A request for payment is not required. However, if a part time-employee returns to work from a Leave of Absence after April 16, 2013, the employee’s Supervisor or eLink assistant/Personnel Change Assistant (PCA) must complete and submit an SSP/TPA Awards Special Payment Correction Request to Payroll to initiate the ratification bonus distribution. The form is available on the Forms Management Website.

  • Enter 30213 in the Forms Search field and return or click the search icon.
  • Click SSP/TPA Awards Special Payment Correction Request.
  • Sections A, F, G, and H are required fields; a handwritten signature is also required.
  • Fax the completed form to Payroll as indicated on the form.

Please refer any questions regarding the retroactive general increase or ratification bonus to your Supervisor.

Srike Vote for AT&T Mobility

February 9, 2013


First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Last Four Digit of your Social Security Number
Do you authorize CWA to call for a strike against AT&T? Selecting "yes" means you are voting to authorize a strike. Selecting "no" means you do not authorize a strike. Yes

Unity @ Mobility PDF


Online AT&T Strike Relief Form

February 6, 2013

AT&T Members: Your contract will expire on Saturday at midnight, February 9th. Please fill out this Strike Relief form in preparation of a strike.

Bargaining Unit: *
Full Name: *
Address (Street): *
Address (City, State, Zip): *
Last 4 Digits Social Security #
Phone (main): *
Phone (other):
Email Address: *
Employer: *
Worksite: *
Your local Steward's Name:
Please read and check button to authorize a "signed & dated" CWA Members' Relief Fund Striker Certification Form. * I certify that I am eligible to receive strike benefits under the rules of the Members Relief Fund. I understand that if I am found ineligible under the rules, I will return any payments I am not entitled to.

Teknon Bargaining To Start February 19th... Submit Your Proposals ASAP!

February 6, 2013

The Teknon bargaining will begin on February 19th. Members are encouraged to submit bargaining proposals. Help out your bargaining team to get the best contract you can!

Email Address:
1) Article or Addendum
Section (if applicable)
2) Article or Addendum
Section (if applicable)
3) Article or Addendum
Section (if applicable)
4) Article or Addendum
Section (if applicable)
5) Article or Addendum
Section (if applicable)

CenturyLink: Payroll Survey

September 4, 2012

There has been much discussion at the bargaining table regarding the number of issues our members are having with the new SAP payroll system. The Bargaining Committee has set up a quick survey to allow us to gauge how significant the problem is. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

AT&T Strike Ballots Mailed Out

February 1, 2013

AT&T Members: Your strike ballots were mailed out Thursday 1/31/13 and will be counted Friday February 8th, 2013. Please return them as soon as you receive them.

General Membership Meeting Change

February 1, 2013

General Membership meeting scheduled for February 14th will be held February 12th at Round Table Pizza in Renton at 302 SW 43rd St. at 630pm.

CenturyLink Payroll Issues

January 16, 2013

To all CenturyLink employees: Check your paystub to make sure your carryover vacation is on there!

Jeanne Stewart
President CWA Local 7803

CenturyLink: Payroll Survey

September 4, 2012

There has been much discussion at the bargaining table regarding the number of issues our members are having with the new SAP payroll system. The Bargaining Committee has set up a quick survey to allow us to gauge how significant the problem is. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

CenturyLink: Uniform Program and Arc Flash

September 4, 2012

A number of issues have come up at the bargaining table in regards to whether the uniforms distributed Under the CenturyLink Uniform Program meet OSHA requirements.
According to standards, clothing should be made of natural materials versus man-made materials due to the dangers posed by potential arc flash.
The bargaining Committee, working with the District Safety Committee has set up a quick survey to allow us to gauge how significant the problem is.

New Executive Board Elected

The nominations for Local 7803’s Executive Board were held on September 8, 2011. All nominees ran unopposed, so no ballots will be mailed. The new officers will take office in 2012 for a three-year term.

The current officers are:

President – Jeanne Stewart
EVP – Roy Garland
Sec/Treas- Mandi Parrott
VP- Caleb Reese
VP- Darrin Hartman
Chief Steward – Karl Stewart
Chief Steward – Adam Olson
E-Board – Bryan Running, Karl Stewart, Adam Olson, Mike Tulloch and Tim Tracy

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